February 21, 2007

Feeling Pretty Lucky

Mediterranean Beach right now anyone?

Right now I'm feeling pretty good about myself. Why? Cause it's 45 degrees out and everyone is saying how warm it is compared to how brutal it was. Why do I feel lucky? Because for the first part of the winter I was on the east coast which was having a very mild fall. Then I came back to Wisconsin and trained in unseasonably mild December/January until I went to Belgium where it again was usually in the upper 30s or 40s. I then traveled south into Germany where it was 40s, through Rome in the 60s, and Barcelona in the 70s. I didn't ride last week when it was ridiculously cold, and this week I have been back on the bike and it's 40s again. How lucky can a guy get and skip out on the two most miserable months in Wisconsin while racing in Belgium?
Hotels are for rich people

I've started working on my training and race schedule for this year and besides for NORBA changing their minds every other day and making it very confusing as to which races count, which have been canceled, and which ones really are unnecessary for anything besides spending a ton of money on transportation to get their, I think I'm getting things in order. A couple more weeks of taking it easy and I should be ready to get at it as the weather turns OK.

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Jim said...

Hi Tristan,

Have you considered moving to Belgium and focusing on cyclocross?