February 26, 2007

Cold And Snow - But Never At The Same Time

I somehow survived the "blizzard" this weekend without even trying. It was pretty lame. For 3 days leading up to this thing all I heard about was how huge this storm was going to be and how everything would be utter chaos while this blizzard would dump snow on us for 2 days. First it was 6", then 10", 14", and then like 18" was the last I heard.
Yeah, well, here in Shavegas we barely had to get out the shovels as it was very anti climatic.

When people here where I'm from they always say something like "oh, well, your use to lots of snow and cold up there aren't you" and I'm like "yeah, but never at the same time". It's really true, now that we have snow again it was raining this morning so skiing is still out, and usually when it gets super cold again it's after we've had a warm spell and all the snow melted. Perfect eh?

I rode like 10 hours last week since it was nice out, but only when I felt like it. It would be nice to ski instead, but since I can't I rode the trainer this morning for a bit to set up my power tap and start getting back into a rhythm of doing something every day again. I'm starting to get the itch to train again, but it's also fun to not have to ride 4 hours a day in the slush outside while everyone else is. Hope you all have your fenders on, you'll need em this week.

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