February 3, 2007

Cross Training

Sorry it has been almost a week since the race and i havenàt updated. Immediatly after the race it was box up the bikes and the next morning I was on a train headed to Karlsrhue Germany to my Uncle and Aunts house. The oppurtunity arose while I was booking plane tickets and there was no price difference so I will fly home from Frankfurt on the 12th. Since then I found a £.02 flight on Ryan Air to Rome so I have been touring it and staying in hostels for the last 3 days, not exatly high class but hey, when you can visit Rome for $100 including airfare, you better take it! Not exactly a brake from riding either as I have walked about 10 hours a day since I got here, but eating pizza and gelato at least once a day counts as vacation!

As far as the race, I saw they had me in the results as dead last, Iàm not sure why, because I wasnàt, so Iàm thinking I was the last one scored as there were quite a few riders behind me. I did have a pretty bad race though, my legs were heavy and never really got going. I finished and did not have the feeling you get when you left it all on the course, I simply just didnàt get going as hard as I am capable of. Sometimes that happens, especially to me on the first day of racing, maybe if there had been two days I would have been better, or maybe it was just too late in the season to try and have another good race. Either way, it was somewhat disappointing to get that result since I really felt I was capable of finishing at least in the 40s and a good result in the 30s based on some riders that I have raced against that were ahead of me. Anyhow, the race was amazing, I have good pictures when i can get them up, right now I am in an internet-phone place in central Rome on a euro keyboard, hence the typoàs, but without being there itàs almost too hard to describe the amount of excitement and craziness at the race. I definitely will be aiming to get back next year and do better, hopèefully things work out that way.
Iàll get up some good fotos when I can, thatàs all for now. ONe more week in Europea before I can get home and eat some real eggs.
Ciao ciao

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