January 5, 2007

Motorpacing in January?!

The pictures keep coming. I bet no one would have have guessed I traveled with Nick Reistad out to Jr. road nationals in Allentown, PA in 1998 and finished 18th. It was super hot and Nick got really bad cramps in his legs and they were bulging all over, it was pretty painful to watch. He's overcome that now though and occasionally I run into him when we're both not on the road on the same weekend. Check out those cool spinergy spox wheels I was running, those things were sweet!
Training was great the last three days. Motorpacing Thursday was extremely difficult and very close to the hardest workout I have ever done. I've only ever motorpaced behind a car before and that was way too easy compared to riding behind Matters Honda Spree moped. We were out there for an hour and I was completely wasted when we got back. Afterwards I had to ride 15 miles into a headwind to pick up my parents car at the shop and I could only ride at about 75 watts and then I bonked really really hard I was so wasted.
I was great though, motorpacing that is, I was riding above my threshold for most of it and then anytime there was a hill or strong wind I'd be struggling just to get back on Brian's wheel and then I'd have to recover back at threshold. Good stuff I tell ya.

I was told I've got a much better chance of making the team now than I did a week ago so that is my motivation to get through 5 more days of riding. The weather has been amazing too so it's been much easier in that respect.
I wonder if anyone else is motorpacing in January?

1998 Jr. Nationals Criterium

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the Spinergy wheels. I am 6-8" (a lean 235lbs) and they were the strongest and straight running wheels I ever owned. I still have them in my garage and use them on my commuter bike.