January 3, 2007

Keep It Coming

Pan American Championships spring 2004 Banos, Ecuador

These last few days here in Sheboygan have been crazy warm and perfect for training. I've gotten in 3 solid rides already this week and tomorrow and Friday look like they'll be just as warm so I'm sure the rides will be good as well. Yesterday -intervals, today-jumps/cx practice, tomorrow-motorpacing, then hopefully a good long ride Saturday and another race simulation on Sunday. It's hard to say I'd be this motivated if it was cold, but those days off the last two weekends have really given me more energy and hopefully I can get some kick back in my legs soon.
I am currently scanning all my old photos into PDFs which is bringing back some pretty good memorys. I've got some great pictures I'd forgotten about, some from the very beginning of my carrier which are pretty funny. Here's some random shots that are pretty entertaining.

My first Honda XR80

My first race - Fall 1996
Big Bear 2004 8th! NORBA XCST

Wide reciever #4 1995?

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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that picture of you and Josh at your first race have been 1995 or 96?