January 1, 2007

More Travels

This weekend in an attempt to keep my monthly driving mileage average over 2k miles Jamie and I drove up to Hamilton, ON for her college roommates wedding. It was a pretty good weekend of hanging out, those Canadians definitely have there own style which makes for some good entertainment. I brought my running shoes so I could get in a few little workouts -which of course never happened, but after spending the last 3 months racing my bike on weekends it was a good change of pace and of course, made someone else happy.
I've got 10 solid days of workouts planned until I know what the Worlds situation is January 10. If I go I've then got 2.5 weeks for training with a few races the last week to finish it off.
Nothing like starting of the new year with a solid week of riding.


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joe1265 said...


Good luck with your application to the Worlds team. I've got my fingers crossed that we'll see you slugging it out in Hooglede-Gits on the 28th!!!!

Regardless, we really want to see you back in Michigan racing the UCI Doubleheader in September 2007. You've been one of the major competitors the past three years and we're thankful you've made the trip to race here.

Yes, it's a long way out, but we're already planning to make the event bigger and better!

D A N O said...


So when you guys gonna get hitched?