October 1, 2006

Cyclocross Wisconsin Style

Cyclocross Wisconsin style -
Winner - full blown geared cross bike.
2nd - Matter on a fully rigid mountain bike.
3rd - Ellis on a cross bike
4th - Lalonde single speed rigid mountain bike
5th - Holmes on a cross bike
6th - Lalonde on single speed cross bike
7th - Jacobson 53/39 crank otherwise standard cross bike
I heard someone was out there on a straight up road bike too!

Basically, if this were a WORS race or Chequamegon, everyone would have gotten a 1st place in there respective category. 1st on a cross bike. 1st on a cross bike single speed. 1st on a mountain bike. 1st on a single speed mountain bike. 1st on a 29er rigid. 1st on a... you get the point. I like it though, it's great to see everyone out there racing and going for it in their own style.
I have to remind everyone though that two years ago I won the Estabrook park CX race on a Trek Fuel 100, probably the first time a Fuel has ridden to victory in a cross race. It was painful though, I could barely move my arms the next day they were so sore so I'll probably stay away from that ever again.
So what am I saying? Not much really, just that the Wisconsin cross scene is very eclectic.
I'm just waiting for someone to show up on a unicycle!!

Or maybe I'll just have to dust off that one I won at Chequamegon last year and show up on one myself.

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