October 6, 2006

Up next

This weekend is the hometown mtb race - Wigwam Ultimax Challenge. Last year I won it for the first time in the 8 years I've been doing it - it's hard. This year there will be $1000 for the win, last year there was $1700 so at least if I don't win it this year I can let the person that does know how much more I got last year!
I didn't get a prerace picture in the Sheboygan Press this year, but I did manage to get some fight'n words in and gave Brian Matter a hard time. That was good enough for me.
The UCI calculated CX points last week and I'm sitting 35th in the world and 2nd American right now. It's a little tough having to miss the sweet call up that I would have received in Gloucester, MA this weekend, but going for two in a row in Sheboygan will be just as exciting and I'll get plenty of CX racing in the next few months so I'm trying to forget about it.
The weather looks good for the weekend and the course is almost perfect. I was over there doing laps on Thursday and it was a muddy mess, but it's much better now. Unfortunately for me the "equalizer" is probably more rideable now than a few days ago, I was hoping my home field advantage would be even stronger if the equalizer was washed out, but now it's just going to be tacky and easy. I'll probably try to catch air over it if it gets any faster so watch out!
I think this will be the last race I do in Wisconsin this year so hopefully I can finish things out good.
See ya at the races

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Anonymous said...

Good thing you talked Swanson into coming so he can push the level of pain even higher this weekend.