September 28, 2006

Rest, Cross, Mud, Practice

It seems that when you take a recovery week everything gets hard. I had this down as a recovery week, but that still means training, just less of it. That's the tough part though, I always look forward to taking a little rest, but I must always fool myself into thinking I wont be riding at all because it always seems a little harder to get out on my easy week when it rolls around. I've been really motivated to train lately and it's been going well, I did some short efforts today just to keep my legs open and fresh and I could tell it's been since Sunday that I got into them at all. This weekend I'll get to open them up at Fall Color Fest and then hopefully they'll be good and opened up for the first WCA CX race on Sunday.
I've been working hard on getting my second cross bike finished and I think tomorrow it should be done. Brake pads are in and everything is together so I'm hoping I can race this weekend and make sure all the cables are stretched before heading out.
I was over at the Sheboygan WORS course yesterday and it was muuuuuddy! I did one lap and it looked like my bike had been dragged through a war. When it's slippery over at Evergreen park it definitely adds a new dimension to the course so y'all better hope it drys up or it's going to be one ugly battle.
Tomorrow it's up early for a little barrier and secret cross practice, not training, practice.
That's it, I'm out


joe1265 said...


Thanks for making the trek to Michigan for last weeks races. Glad to hear you enjoyed the course.

Check out the story and pix on


Good luck with your CX season!!!

Anonymous said...

you need to "practice" more...not go training....because you sure did look like an amature on the start line...bill street player could have done better