September 11, 2006

Some People Suffer More Than Others

We've had a crazy fall-like weather here in Wisconsin the last few days. The days are shorter, temps dropped into the 50s, and the rains been falling for the last 24 hours. Actually, rain isn't that usual for our falls here but it does add to the cold and gloom outside.
Fortunately, the rain held off until after the WORS race on Sunday, which was good cause the mostly grass course would have been pretty darn slippery had it rained during the race.
I had a great race finally after not feeling quite there the last few times out. I could tell while warming up that the legs and mind were fresh and focused, so after working my way up through the field during the first 1/2 lap I was finally in a spot to start throwing down some wattage. Early in the second lap, up the climb, I went to the front and drilled it and opened up a gap on the group of Matter, AJ,TJ,Phillips. I was able to keep it in the big ring and power full effort over the small climbs and put some time into the group. With so much open space on the ski hill it was hard to tell how big of a gap I had because they were always in sight, either on the switchbacks or the climbs, but I was able to keep the pressure on and come away with the victory 5 laps later and 45 seconds up on Matter.
I thought the new course layout was pretty fun, it was a lot like a cross race with all the tight off camber corners and small steep climbs so hopefully that got me a little warmed up for Michigan in two weeks.

Also going on in the wet weather in Wisconsin this weekend was the Madison Iron man. Many or you know, or remember Brian Schaning. Mountain biker turned road racer turned tri geek. Brian was riding in 14th halfway through the bike, and ended up 53rd overall in what is only his second full ironman ever!
Solid effort for sure, nice job Brian.
I'm going to have to find out his average heart rate for the whole thing though cause it sure doesn't look like he's suffering very much - ouch.

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