September 12, 2006

Economical Blog

Some thought this was funny.
I think this is funny.
My blog is so economical.

I finally thought the rain was done for the day so I ventured out and got about 20 minutes in before the sky unleashed again and got me wet. I was staying warm though so I kept riding, but then I just got bored and it wasn't very fun so I came home and made a sweet sandwich.

Sandwich of the day award


mike anderson said...

how did you ever that walking instead of driving thing on google?
you must have been really bored if you searched for that.

Anonymous said...

If mountain biking and cyclocross don't work you for you I think you could have a sucessful career working at Subway with your mad sandwich artist skills.

D A N O said...

You blog way too much about food for a skinny guy.

Not fair.