September 9, 2006

Almost Top 5

Grandpa's been delivering ice cream buckets almost daily full of garden produce so I've been taking the opportunity to try to create some all time top 5 sandwiches. Today's was only a top 10, it was made with an onion bagel instead of sesame. Had it been a sesame bagel probably could have tied for 5th, but no better. Thursday's sandwich was definitely a top 5, it had it all - toasted sesame bagel, honey ham, swiss cheese, 2 bacon strips, tomato, green pepper, cucumber, lettuce and vinaigrette. It takes a real sandwich artist, not a poser like some, to create a sandwich of top 5 all time quality. It might take a few more tries, but I've got some good form right now and one of these times I might just crack a podium spot!
After destroying the kitchen, I sat down and ordered some bling for my bikes. I've pretty much got my cross bike down to it's final racing weight, but I'm trying to shed a few more extra grams it's still holding onto around the middle from a slow spring and summer season. I'm thinking I can drop about 50 grams with the aluminum bolts, and then I'm hoping to use a lighter crank this year that will drop another 100-150, making almost a 1/2 pound lighter. is a good site for bike and motorcycle bolts, you need to know exactly what size and thread count, but that's not that hard to figure out.
Sunday is another WORS race only like 45 minutes from my house which is pretty sweet. I trained pretty hard this week, but hopefully the legs feel better than they did at Devils Head a few weeks ago. It's been raining on and off and then it got pretty cold here today so it should be an interesting race. Might have to breakout the long sleeve skin suit for the first time this season.
See ya at the races.

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