September 14, 2006

Why Didn't They Have These When I Was 8?

How rad is this thing??? I wanted to take this monster out really bad and make braaaaaaaaaaaaaaap noises as I wheelied around the block waving at all the girls. Unfortunately, it was too hard to get my knees under the handlebars so I am left imagining how cool the 8 year old terror is who rips this thing.

Heading up to Chequamegon tomorrow, it's quite the drive - almost 6 hours of two lane highway driving. Hopefully the weather stays better than it looks right now otherwise we might just be in for a soggy race. The first year I did this race it was raining and I remember pounding through water holes that were 6-8" deep. You never quite new how deep they were either until your front wheel disappeared. It does slow the race down some though, which is probably better for me, so maybe I don't really care. Nope, really don't care.
It's always fun hanging out at the Trek tent and eating some good food too so stop on by and say hello!

1 comment:

Tim Drankus said...

Dude I could still fit on that bike!! Maybe I could use it in the sheboygan race.