August 7, 2006

Weekend Report

Two races in two days makes for a pretty slow Monday morning. Given they weren't NORBA nationals or UCI cross races, but I think they were almost just as hard!
Saturday was the WCA criterium in Sheboygan, only a 20 minute ride from my house, so I couldn't pass that up. It was pretty hard, I'm feeling good on the bike again, but it's taking some time to get that high end punch back so the crit was a really good interval training session for me.

Sunday was back to the WORS series for the Calumet Sun Run. This was one of the first mountain bike races I ever did so I'd say I've raced here almost 10 times. It's a really short lap with some hard, steep climbs scattered throughout the course with some fun descents. It's really my style of course, almost like the world cups, high speeds and short hard climbs so your speed is always changing.
AJ (Newly nicknamed
King Kong, because that's the last sound I always here from him as he mashes his front sprocket and chain) tore my legs off for the first lap before pulling his signature move and tried shifting from the big ring into the middle half way up the steepest part of the climb and dropped his chain.
Matter attacked as he saw AJ get off his bike and that blew the race apart. I was ready to ride around for 2nd cause I was hurtin' pretty bad and Matter had a 50ft gap on me already. I tried getting Seth Lense to take a pull, but one look back at his contorted and drooling face said he wasn't pulling anything so I attacked him pretty hard and somehow managed to bridge up to Brian.
We continued to trade the lead on and off for the next 3 laps so going into the 5th I attacked super hard up the first climb. Matter was able to pull it back on the flat top part, but I started feeling fast so I kept going harder and pushing the pace even more. Matter took the lead through the singletrack, he was suffering though since I saw his eyes were crossed and his tongue was dangling down by his front skewer. I attacked one final time up the last climb, but he was able to pull it back through the last singletrack. I started laughing while Brian swore at me to slow down, I told him if he wanted to the win I was gonna make him hurt really bad for it.
We hit the gravel downhill together and Matter came out the bottom in front, taking the win.
A quick jump in lake Winnebago to finish off the weekend and now it's time to start preparing for the Epic
Ore 2 Shore this weekend.
See you all up in Michigan!


Martini said...

Calumet was my first mtb race ever.... I ate a huge jug of yogurt before hand because I thought I needed the protein and vomitted all over my Giant Cadex. Amazing how hard 8 miles can be... I think I was like dead last but at least my skewers were purple.

I am heading back to wisco for the Trek sales meeting T.... we should get together for some wisco style singletrack... Rad Ross will be with me, we need to give him a big wisco welcome.... cheese curds and mosquitos baby...

joe1265 said...

Does Brian Matter have a blog???

Who's your favorite (other than yourself) for O2S?

Good luck up there!!!