August 10, 2006

An Epic Weekend In Store

This weekend we head up North for the Ore 2 Shore Epic mountain bike race in Marquette, MI.
The more I spend time in that neck of the woods the more I like it. I've been up there racing a few different times over the last few years and I never come away disappointed. It has a total north woods feeling to it, yet it's a trendy college city with lots of cool shops and many things to do all on the shores of lake Superior.

Last year Matter got the best of me after 50 miles and won the sprint, who knows, maybe this year I can pull out my good legs and reverse the finish.
It's always a tossup at these races, flat tires, sticks in spokes, broken chains and of course after 50 miles - dehydration plays a key role.
Who will win this year? It's too long of a race to be predictable, but I know who are the consistant strong guys and I can guess who will most likely be up there when the dust clears.

Brian Matter
Doug Swanson
Ian Stanford
Russ Tiles
Mike Simonson
Derek Prectel
Tim Drankus
Cole House
Jason Lummus
Brian/Kim Eppen
Who will it be on the top block this year?

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Anonymous said...

maybe you and Matter can ride a tandem together and come out on top as in last year's results