August 1, 2006

19 Hour National Champs

I could only laugh when Brian Matter called Sunday noon to let me know he had a stars and stripes jersey to add the his collection that so far included a pink Chequamegon winners jersey and a blue/white Iceman champion jersey.
AJ Etmeyer, Brian Matter, and Lalonde brothers Jesse and Marko teamed up to form the Trek/Fischer 4 man team this last weekend at the 24 hour National Championships and won the coveted stars n stripes jerseys.
I told him they cheated though since they only had to race for 19 hours as the race was shortend due to weather! Actually, I'm pumped and hope they all are tired now so I can win the rest of WORS races and Ore to Shore next week!
Well, really now I'll just have a good excuse when I don't, it's hard to win a race when there's FOUR current national champions racing against you!
Nice job though guys, congratulations!



Matter's elusive National Championship, now he can retire. See you Wisco hammmers at the O2S big wheel style.....

Ian Stanford said...

Hey, how come Jesse's stripes are vertical? I just noticed that. Man, USA Cycling. Can't even get the jerseys to match.
Bells. Oh boy. I must be Ore to Shore time. See you all soon. -Ian

Eric O. said...

Those single speeders always need to be the odd balls.