August 13, 2006

Two For The Money

Ore 2 Shore 2006 is in the books and once again it's the next day and my legs are destroyed, my bike is a mess, I'm still pulling sand out of my ears, and the camel back is growing mold.
There were attacks, counter attacks, and pacelines. Some riders cramped, some riders cracked, some riders hung on and some were hung out. I stuck it to em when I could, and hung on for dear life when necessary. Sometimes on the rivet, and sometimes throwing down. At Ore 2 Shore things are always changing, one second your turning yourself inside out to stay on and the next second it's down to 3 riders and your thinking "these are good odds."
Triple crown races are more painful than any NORBA I have ever done. Everyone is gunning for the cash and no one is holding back.
I'll let my bike speak for me on how hard it was!

After 50 miles of suffering it's straight to the lake Superior for an afternoon of chilling, eating, and catching up on everyone's race. It's always a good time reliving the pain and suffering mile by mile.

Then it's on to awards. Congratulations Sarah KJ for killing it in the women's race and taking one home for the team, second year in a row!!
It takes the sting out of missing the NORBA championships this weekend when your filling out W-9's for something other than the win.
Mike Simonson on the other hand had a great day and tore everyone's legs off. He had the legs that no one could match. In fact, Mike was so hot on Saturday he had to bust out his prize money to fan off with. One hundred...two hundred... three hundred... dang, how much is that anyway?


D A N O said...

The way you and BMatter are trading spots at the finnish leaves me to ask a question...

When is it my turn?

Tristan Schouten said...

I'll lead ya out at the next one Dano!


Nice to see ya Tristan good job at the race, Mike just had it that day ! Damn I wish I was that hot soemtime. See ya at the Fat Tire and I got ya all hooked up for the UCI cross races here also, bring Matt K. if ya want alls good ! Rigid 29er Triple Crwon threat !

Anonymous said...

Any idea idea what Mike's opinion is on what his time would have been on a 26'er? (faster or slower?)

Tristan Schouten said...

My guess is that Mike would have destroyed us either way, although he did say the 29er was pretty fast.
I've also heard Travis Brown say 29ers roll over sand much better than 26 so my guess is he did have an advantage in the sand as well, how much I don't know.