July 24, 2006

WORS Weekend

Two short days of recovery after the crit Thursday night and I was back at it Sunday in Phillips, WI for the WORS race. I had to do some quick packing Saturday afternoon to catch the last ride out of dodge since the race is about 4+ hours from Shavegas and apparently everyone goes up early and camps, which meant no one to car pool with on Sunday morning.
The race started off typical style, I hit the singletrack in about 10th and started assessing my situation. I was hurting big time, yet it seemed the gaps weren't spreading out and I could still catch glimpses of Matter through the woods so I kept it were I was till the end of the first lap. Shortly into the second I made a huge effort and bridged up to Brian, I thought I was going to see breakfast pancakes again, but I held it down and suffered on his wheel for the next two laps. Somewhere near the end of the 3rd lap Seth Lens comes flying by Brian and I out of nowhere, totally unexpected, forcing us to up the pace and start getting serious again.
Traffic was really bad by this point and I was getting wasted trying to fight my way through the traffic sitting 3rd wheel. I had enough and hit the afterburners, taking the lead and shredding the next section of singletrack. My eyes were crossed and steam was blowing out my ears but I kept it pegged, just long enough to get a gap and get out of site.
Brian chased at about 30 seconds back for the next lap but I was able to stick it to the finish and come away with the W for the first time in a long time. I suffered pretty bad out there, I was pretty dehydrated by the end of the race and felt pretty sick all evening, but it was great to be back on the top box at another WORS event!

Photos courtesy of Fattires-n-beer


Muraski said...

didn't mean to hold you up in the singletrack. I had mistaken you for a comp racer.

Mike said...

Thanks for holding off your comeback till the Phillips race!

jaybird said...

Congrats on the W