July 27, 2006


It's really been summer the last few days around here. It was hot a few weeks ago, but it's not summer in Wisconsin until the dew point reaches the upper 70's. So humid around here lately it's almost foggy!
I"ve been hitting the training pretty hard this week and it's tough staying hydrated, I finish rides soaked through with streams of water running down my shins. I walked in a gas station, after a few hours on the road today, for a fill up and got some looks that made me wonder if my helmet was on backwards or something. Not that the girl behind the counter snapping her gum would know the difference though.

I'm sure you've all heard about Landis' failed drug test. I guess there is still hope in the B sample, I can't even imagine the drama to unfold from this one if it comes back positive. Here's a pretty good ariticle from Sports Illustrated.
Here is another good article from the New York Times.

Temps are going higher for the weekend, can't wait! I'll have to bust out the spf 40 for the remainder of the week.

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