July 21, 2006

Circle Of Pain

It's been a long time since I've saddled up, numbed my brain, and started a Superweek ( otherwise said Stuporweek or, Stupidweek) criterium. 100km, 62 miles, 80 laps or 2+ hours of mind numbing turn lefts. It's always fun, for some strange reason though, to suffer at 30 mph for extended periods of time. There was a day when I tried to do it for a living, back when I road with these guys that's all we did in fact. Can't say I'm any better at it now than I was back then, or that it is any more or less fun now, but after finishing one these crits up as the sun sets, my legs are screaming from the 320 max sprints I did, my tires are worn to the left, not ever seeing the front of the race, and finishing 58th, it sure brings back memories of why I decided this kind of racing wasn't so hot for me. But then again, after suffering through 3 months of the season without racing at all, it felt great to be able to suffer and hang on for dear life as we dove through the corners all night. And when else can you go 30 mph on your bike for over two hours without ever going downhill?
Thanks to PCW for hooking me up with a jersey for the race and to all the local fans out lining the course and keeping me motivated!

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Ian Stanford said...

Baby steps accomplished. Good job on the win today. Nice to see you get back to the norm. -Ian