June 12, 2006

Short Track

I raced the short track just for the heck of it. I actually woke up and felt OK, legs were there and things were feeling normal, well, besides the brocoli colored discharge from my nose.
Had a good race besides that my fitness is not that good and I was blown after 13 minutes, then it was just try and pedal to the finish. It's amazing how long the last 4 laps of a short track last - forever!
I made it though and finished 2oth.
Today I start antibiotics, the doc says it's time to give it a go. My fingers are crossed.
Still trying to decided on flying home, I need to train if I can get well and you can't train when you're racing.
I've got a day or two to decide before the crew heads up to Vermont.
Short track startline
Whole lotta Red, whole lotta suffering

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