June 13, 2006


I'm on the juice. First time I can remember taking antibiotics, we'll see what happens. Six, pink, $10 each pills are supposed to cure me.

We packed up Poz's truck with 5 bikes, duffel bags, and anything else we could find and headed back up towards Baltimore. That's were I made the decision and bagged the remainder of the trip. It wasn't that hard after riding Monday morning with Chris Eatough and feeling like a pile of bricks from my 13 minute short track effort. I flew home this morning and plan on leaving the bikes packed in the bike bag for a good little while till things feel better.

To all my homies that I left on the road - good luck!...

...And watch out for this little monster, I heard he upgraded to PRO after the kids race last weekend and he's going to DESTROY you all in Vermont!!!
Well, it might take a few years for the form to come around but He's definintely got the focus.


Eric O. said...

He must be pretty smart if he's already in college.

Anonymous said...

O'Doyle rules!!!