June 10, 2006

Not A Good Day

I guess no one ever told me trying to make it to the top of the mountain bike world would be easy but, they also never told me it would be this hard.
The race course was 90% climbing and 10% downhill which meant it was definitely going to be a fitness course.
Today's race was not going to happen. They no more than popped the gun and I new I didn't have it. I had a great 2nd row call up, right behind Todd Wells, but proceeded to ride straight backwards on the hill. Actually, I probably could have stood on the climb and guys would have gone past me just as fast. I was absolutely off the back and hating life.
I finished out the first lap and decided to ride a second, just so I could ride the rocky decent. It was alright as I spun up the hill, occasionally getting passed by the Jr. Men that started right behind the pro men, but as I tooled along I was slowly realizing I was gonna get caught by the woman if I continued at the current rate of speed so I ended the group ride after lap 2. Bummer.
What's next? Who knows. The last four days I've been blowing green stuff out of my nose and waking up at 3am and coughing for an hour, so obviously I'm still not healthy.
The realization of taking an extended vacation from riding is slowly settling in since I can't think of anything else to do about the situation. It's really tough to think about, much less actually do, but the discouragement of not being able to ride even close to the ability I know I can ride at is even worse. I'll probably race the short track tomorrow and then I'm considering changing my plane ticket and flying home instead of heading up to Vermont. It's not really worth going up there when the body, and after this weekend the brain, just aren't in it. I thought after the WORS race that I could maybe fake it for a few weeks out here, but when you're racing the best there is no faking it.
Sob sob weep weep.
Congratulations to Jeremiah Bishop on his second place behind JHK. Also, Nick Waite pulled one out of the bag and landed one on the podium for 5th. Team mate Ross Schnell has been riding some good form and came in 8th, awesome result!!

I should also mention Jeff Hall came in about 11th place, which is a really solid result, and looked pretty strong doing it

That's it

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John said...

Bummer to hear man. Maybe you should start a suggestion box of home 'remedies' for the common...well whatever you have. I'll start it out- Snort salt water or everclear (which ever is most available) maybe you can dislodge the demons camped out in your sinuses! Keep the faith man!