June 6, 2006

SuperMoto Update

I just finished packing my bikes for the trip out east and I'm pretty sure if they decide to weigh the bike case it's going to be about 110LBs. I've got so much stuff jammed in that thing it might actually burst. Two bikes, 5 different combinations of tires, shoes, and water bottles filling in all the cracks. That reminds me, better throw the fender in just in case. Never travel East without skinny tires, fender, and rain jacket. Check.
Supermoto update. I didn't get a chance to post any pictures from the AMA supermoto races at Road America this last weekend. I actually rode the cycle out there with Jamie and we made it in time to catch the main event for the superbikes. The first time they came thundering by I got the chills from the adrenaline rush and I was just watching! We checked out a few different corners and then headed up to the straightaway by the start area and the next lap they came up the straightaway at like 180mph, it was unreal! I had never seen anything like it, it's one thing to see the superbikes on television going 180, but to see them 15ft in front of you blast by and barely even focus on them was crazy, I was blown away by the speed.

Later we headed down to watch the final races of the Supermoto's and got to see some good action and a couple good races. The course was laid out nice so you could see about 90% of it from any one spot which was pretty cool. The smell of racing fuel always makes things a little more exciting too. I think when I retire from mountain bike racing this will be my next idea of fun.


Jordan Peterson said...

I'd die if I ever got caught with one of those things.

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