May 1, 2006

Worms, Freaks, and Friends

Yesterday was just another great day for sitting inside and watching it rain all day. I wasn't hardcore enough to go ride in it, or maybe I'm just too smart and knew better since I rode in it on Saturday and I'm recovering from a record setting cold. Besides, I've taken the last 3 weeks off riding, what's another day right? Maybe if the temps were in the 70s, but I'm not going to slug it out when it's 50 with a 30mph wind off the lake!
Today I got out early before the rain and there were about 50 million worms on the road, dead. Well, 90% of them were dead I guess. I was thinking I better take it easy on the corners cause they might be a bit slippy, it was definitely a bad weekend for the worms. If they didn't drown, they got ran over buy cars. Anyway, I had to keep an eye on my shiny red 9.9 to make sure none were hanging on, I even had to check my bottle before drinking each time to make sure there were no dangling surprises.
At least I beat the rain today, it was close though. I was looking at the weather last night I wasn't even sure I was going to even get in a ride but the rain held off and did the worms and I a favor. Started raining when I was about 10 minutes from home so I was feeling pretty good about myself.

I had heard about some race that was supposed to be on gravel roads across Iowa this weekend. I think Jeff Kerkove and a bunch of other people put it together for something crazy to do over the weekend. I was checking around and found a bunch of bloggers that did it, I think it was a little crazier than anticipated, or at least it became that after all the rain. I guess the race was supposed to be like 350 miles and they only made it 60 cause of the mud.
Ouch, glad I wasn't planning on doing that one! Check out Jesse Lalonde's write up on it, it's pretty good. Maybe I should have ridden in the rain yesterday, it couldn't of been as bad as that!

And the winner is?? I guess "anonymous" had it with Brett Remiersma but an "anonymous" person can't win so runner up BS ( Brian Schaning) gets the win.
Brett's back on the wagon and puttin' in the miles this spring once again. And yes, he is still wearing that Primal Alien jersey he got back in 1996! Anyway, it's nice to see him back in the saddle and getting back into it a bit. Who knows, maybe he'll show up on a Tuesday night worlds ride bareback like he use to back in the day!


Anonymous said...

Your blog was much more exciting when all kinds of people from all over the place were posting regarding your controversial blogging.

Biwan said...

ah yes, the bareback riding. If he doesn't do it, I might have to do it for him.

Anonymous said...

so are you going to update from CA at all??