May 4, 2006

Blogging Made Easy

The fun of traveling with two bikes only begins with packing them in the comforts of home, unpacking them is another story. Luckily, I had this nice grassy area to get the bikes up and running.
Getting to the race course, that's another story. Nick asks after we've been driving for 10 minutes and haven't gone futher than 5 blocks in the California traffic if "Anyone even knows where we're going or where the race even is?" A few phone calls and U-turns later and we were headed back in the right direction, that is, until we got here.
We did make it to the course after driving through some pretty sketchy neighborhoods. It's very odd, not bad, just odd. The course itself sits on a hill that is surrounded by suburbia. Absolutely everything is covered in graffiti and the only sound you can hear on the course is the sound of 747s coming in for a landing. The course is very sandy with rollarcoaster type singletrack with short, punchy climbs that are much like the races in the midwest. There is one pretty good climb at the beginning of the lap, but after that nothing too crazy, it should fit my riding better than the races with 20 minute climbs at 10,000ft so I can be pretty happy about that.
After the preride I told Ranno that I felt like I was riding in someone's backyard the whole time, he was quick to explain that " Oh, We definitely are."
If I didn't feel that I was in someone's back yard, I felt like Steve McQueen in the movie "The Great Escape" when he was jumping the fences on his motorcycle that blocked Germany from Switzerland after escaping prison camp.

Today we'll back on course, since that is the only safe place to ride, and do a couple more laps.
This place makes blogging easy.

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