April 29, 2006

Racing In The Rain

I decided to head down to the crit in Milwaukee today so I got up, went for a little spin, through some clothes in a bag, sat around, checked the radar, drove over and picked up Brian Schwaller, and headed down to the "brew city".
First off, the radar was off by about 200 miles as it was already sprinkling when we pulled up. The course is pretty safe though, basically round with some good rollers and one sharp corner, nothing to worry about if it's raining. Normally I would probably pass on a rainy crit, I did my fair share and have the scarred hips to prove it, but I really wanted to get in this workout today and decided what the heck.
It was definitely double visor weather!
The story doesn't really get any more interesting than that. I'm sure if Adam Craig had been there he would have said we rode around like small children, I would have agreed with him. I think Cole House attacked like 20 times, then Jordan would counter it, and then we'd all ride around 6 abreast and wait for Cole to attack again. It was pretty cat 5 since I don't think anyone ever got farther than 5 seconds off the front before the entire field would try and bridge to the move. I would have liked to try a few counters when the field was thinned a few times but due to being like a small child right now the most I could do was follow, and, well, follow.
It was a pretty good workout though, the best I've had since the Otter. My legs actually felt like there might actually be life in them again and the heart rate agreed. I could tell by the end of the race that I hadn't done any intervals for awhile though, I think my threshhold has dropped about 100watts this month. It was a bike race though, and I like bike racing so it was probably worth it to ride around in the rain for awhile for a good workout. Plus, now I have met my yearly quota for criteriums so I can rest easy knowing I am now free to skip any more crits I don't feel like doing.

Someone needs to tell Brian when it's 50 and raining he should wear more than a jersey and armwarmers, he was almost as pathetically cold when we finished as I was at Gloucester CX last fall!

The Rock Cut mtb race is off tomorrow, I just checked the site and it's been postponed because of all the rain. That's a bummer, I was hoping to get a mtb race in before the NORBA opener but I guess it's not to be.
That's it, I should probably go wipe all the black break and road grime off my Madone but it will have to wait till some other time when I have more motivation.

Local Readers - Who can guess the rider pictured below??? He retired from the race scene back in 2001 but Friday I rode with him and he said he's making a comeback, maybe even going to hit up the Wednesday night rides! Anyone recognize him?


Anonymous said...

maybe Mike cut his mullet...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree, it is the 1 and only Brett Riemersma!


D A N O said...

Roland Green?

Biwan said...

I thought that was Dirker there for a little bit!