April 27, 2006

Training Again

Training like a small child I should say!
Adam Craig likes to use that line and it's pretty fitting for many different circumstances so I thought I'd give it a shot.
I've been back on the bike since Wednesday, trying to get my legs back under me but I feel like I'm riding about as fast as I was back in January. Sea Otter feels like it was about a year ago and that was pretty much the last time I think I felt somewhat fast. Should be interesting next weekend at the NORBA, I think I'm headed for a beating.
I am going to try and get down to a crit in Milwaukee on Saturday, and then hopefully the mountain bike race at Rock Cut on Sunday, so maybe my beating will come this weekend instead. I just hope I survive it without going into relapse.

Check out this Hoopdee I spotted on Sheboygan's south side - sooooo ghetto.

Horner took the stage at Romandie today and the overall, that is pretty impressive. He took the victory over a pretty stacked break too which was even more impressive. It'd be sweet if he could hang on to it the rest of the week .
That's it, maybe I'll see ya at the races this weekend.

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