April 24, 2006

Chamois Time

Someone needs to tell Nick it's not cool to hang out in your chamois! the money shot

I haven't ridden my bike in 3 days and I'm going slightly mad. The cold has a death grip on my sinuses and won't let go! I feel fine besides for having to clear my throat every 15 seconds, it's getting rather annoying. Tomorrow I start riding again just because I have run out of things to do, maybe I'll just go easy, I'll probably have to cause my legs will be staler than Nick's chamois.
Today I was at work, since I wasn't riding, and it was like 70 degrees out - ouch, for sure coulda worked on my tan with that kind of sun coming down.
I better get over this cold before I get too sick of drinking all this tea and vitamins I've been pusing down. I had to walk over to the store to restock on the echinacia/ginger, it's a good one. This stuff is supposed to help colds and stuff but I don't know, hasn't helped in the last 2 weeks!
Maybe tomorrow I'll be well


Anonymous said...

nothin like a little swamp ass to make the rest of the season interesting!

C Money

BIWAN said...

Maybe you have exercise induced asthma? I hope it stays that warm up there when I get back to rip your legs off! PEACE.

Martini said...

On snap.... hope you feel better bro, I might as well be sick because I feel like a walking bruise. See ya soon....