April 19, 2006

Training Again, Maybe

I rolled over to Brians bright and early this morning cause both our training plans said "long". I showed him my new favorite long ride loop and had him lost after an hour. It pretty much circles around all of Sheboygan county with some pretty good scenery, hills, and quiet roads. It's taken me about 3 months of base riding to dial in the perfect route, but I think I finally have it down.

I finally got my new 9.9 together so I rode that today. I couldn't believe my eyes when I put it on the scale and it came in dead on 21LBS, that's crazy talk for a bike with disc brakes! I even had two bottle cages and hardcase tires with tubes in when I weighed it too, so I think with a few minor things cut off and drilled out, I might be able to get it to 2o.5 or even less!

I am pretty bummed though with my SID world cup on my Fuel. I rode it for the first time on trails yesterday and blew out the lockout an hour into the ride. The fork had felt pretty bad since I got the bike, but riding it on the road I didn't really care. Then I rode it on the trails and it actually felt better, but when I went to lock it out, there was nothing there. I even figured out that the gate has to be closed for it to lockout in the first place, which seems pointless to me, but none the less how they are. I guess I'll be ridig it without a lockout till NORBA #1 where they can overhaul it and start me over new. I seem to remember two years ago when I had my first WC that they blew out all the time too, I'd of thought they'd of had that fixed by now. Still, they're superlight forks and the one on my 9.9 seems to be working nicely so maybe I was just riding it too hard.

I thought I was kicking my cold too but I'm not sure anymore. Hopefully todays ride doesn't make it worse, guess I'll find out tomorrow.


Ian Stanford said...

Nope, they still blow. Same as it ever was


All shocks blow ! Up that is ! Mass production = Mass problems

Keep kicking arse this Tristan.