April 21, 2006

Pushing The Reset Button

Well, things just haven't been going as planned since the Sea Otter. My cold, which I thought was going away, is still holding on and seems to be doing a good job of making my legs feel like mush.
I was just reading back over my training logs since the sea otter and it secured my decision to take a few days off completely and let this cold, or what ever the evil is, finish itself out. It seemed like I'd feel somewhat decent one day, giving me hope it was on it's way out, only to be discouraged the next day with poor heart rate and dead legs again. As I talked about before, this is probably the hardest part of being an athlete. I'm so used to hitting the bike at 9am and going full throttle, that forcing yourself not too is confusing, but appearently necessary at this point.
I had thought about heading up to do the Durand road race this weekend to race, I was tossing the 10 hour drive back and forth all week but it's completely out the door now, I'll probably have to thank my sickness for saving me from a painful 10 hour drive.
Some of you may have heard that I was going to do the Tour of Shenandoah with Jeremiah Bishop, I talked with him today and although I would really have liked to do this race it just seemed like it wasn't a good idea at this point. I was having problems lining up plane tickets, and now not feeling up to par was the final straw.
I'm hoping I'm good to go by next weekend. I am hoping to get down to the Rock Cut moutain bike race in Illinois and then maybe a local crit on Sunday. It's getting close to May and I've only raced once this year, I think that's a new record.
Sorry about no pictures lately, I've run out of things to take pictures of in Wisconsin.
That's it, Operation Recovery is in effect.

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Eric O. said...

A good time to get on the motorized two wheeler.You could get some good pics on that.Braaaap!