April 17, 2006

Not Training Is Hard

Seems that as if you didn't come home sick from the Sea Otter, you came home with poisen oak. I got a little of both. The poisen oak is in such random spots too. Left shin, left elbow, and right wrist, at least it isn't very bad but it just doesn't seem like it ever gets better either.
My sore throat moved on and now I've got a cold. I tried to train over the weekend, got out on Saturday for a good ride on a warm day but I paid for it Sunday and had to pull the plug and head for home. It's so hard, playing mental games with yourself. Should I ride, I feel ok? wait, no, my heartrate isn't coming up and my legs feel sore and my nose is running like the mudslides in California. But I have to train, but I should rest if I'm sick. On it goes, I'd say it's harder for me mentally not to train than to miss workouts even when I'm sick. I think the cold is on it's way outthoug so hopefully I'm back on it tomorrow.

Today is usually a slow or off dayof riding, especially when sick, so I took the oppurtunity to finally get at my cycle and rip apart the carb cause it runs worse than a bottom bracket full of mud. Seems to be going better now, didn't really ride it when I was done since it was too cold but at least it was running seemingly smooth again. It's not much fun to ride unless it's over 70, but one of these days I'll have to rip around for awhile and see if I can still get the front wheel off the ground.
thump thump thump
Got my new Trek 9.9 while I was at the otter last week and finally spent a little time on that today too. It takes so long to get my bikes dialed in the way I like them, maybe I'm just too picky but new bikes just never feel that right even if they are set up identical. I'm trying to make the call on going back to flat bars over risers since the new bikes seem to sit up higher in the front end with the taller forks. I think it's pretty much dialed in except for the uncut steerer tube, can't cut that until I decide on the bars. It's almost a full time job just keeping my bikes up and running! Can't wait to get out on the new hardtail after riding my old one for so long, it's nice to get off of old and onto new, everything is so much crisper. Maybe the trails around here are drying up, I should roll over and check it out one these days.

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Jeremiah Bishop said...

Yo Nice bike,, The Hard tail too.
Give me a call. I got you a ticket lined up.