April 6, 2006

Sea otter - Monterey, CA Day 4 Super XC

I just had a full race report written and lost it so now I'm doing the shortend version due to the coffee shop closing.
the race was crazy muddy and I rode my hardtail with 700c with cyclocross tires which worked really good. I was flying with them on the cement track and doing pretty well in the soupy mud. I had a decent start and held my ground, then starting moving up and picking off groups finally making it up into the 30's.
I eventually finished 30th and am pretty happy with the result since I had done zero efforts before coming out and my heratrate was pinned the entire time. I actually felt like I had some leftover too at the finish so that is promising for tomorrows ride.
bikes, before and after

This afternoon we had volkswagon training and I got to take a new GTI out for a ride with Sue Haywood. All I can say is that car is fast, cool, and has paddle shifters - so sweet!

tomorrow is the TT and XC preride, hopefully it's dried out a bit and stays dry overnight for us.
that it, im out.

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Anonymous said...

Did you run clip-ons and bar ends for the Super XC?