April 4, 2006

Monterey, CA Day 2

Still raining, what's up with the weather here in California?
I drove up here with Matt Saturday night in rain and it's been misting/sprinkling/raining ever since.
I did get out yesterday and rode up the coast for awhile, there were some huge waves crashing down on the rocks that was pretty neat, then it started raining again and I headed back.
I haven't even been over to the course yet, I heard the team trailers are sinking into the mud so I decided it wasn't worth it for me to go over and join in the mess.
The super XC is Thursday and everyone is talking about tire/wheel setups allready and I haven't even seen the venue yet!
I wish I could get the wireless to let me upload some photos but for some reason I can't, I'm having a hard time even getting it to download the blogger.
Anyway, if you decided not to come to sea otter, so far you haven't missed anything but rain. I'm sure once we're racing I won't really care but it would be nice to enjoy some sunshine as long as I'm in California.

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Jordan Peterson said...

Have fun. Good luck. Be safe.