April 7, 2006

Sea otter - Monterey, CA Day 5 TT

Today's race can be summed up in one word - Pointless. The TT was like 4 minutes long and started with a short steep climb at which point we jumped back on yesterdays super xc decent and rode the off camber downhill in 5" of mud back to the finish, yeah, pointless. In a time period of 4 minutes, my entire drivetrain went from fairly decent to a gritty, grindy mess once again and now my rear cables need to be replaced again. All for a 4 minute race. I did finish 28th but it seems like that doesn't mean too much cause taking a bad line meant sinking in the mud up to your axel and losing 10 seconds so I guess maybe I just rode a bit cleaner than a few of the guys.

storm on the horizon

Afterwards a crew of us headed out on the XC course and it was ripp'n. It was pretty dry except for a few 6" deep water puddles but relatively dry, except now it's raining again.

Tomorrow is the short track and I should have a pretty good call up, maybe in the mid 20s and if I can move up at least 10 spots during the race maybe I can pop a top 20 for the day, that would be sweet. It's going to a be another mud bath so it might just be a race of good lines and good luck over good form. As far as I can tell we're going to be riding on the same track (pictured below), or at least parts of the same track, that we've been using the last two days. Pretty exciting stuff.

Props to Matt Kelly (pictured above) for tearing some Euro legs off , both days he's been 10th and looking good. I think he sprinted it out with Frischy and Sauser during the super xc which was pretty sweet.

Maybe the super power has been coming from the oranges we picked before heading up to the race on Sunday?

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