April 1, 2006

One Shade Pinker - But Still Ghostly Pale

The sun was out today in full force and it was sweet - got a little sunburn to prove it. Yep, shortsleeves, no legwarmers, and sunburn. It's been awhile since I've experienced that - it was good!
The views from the ride today were good too, Matt's picked a pretty good spot to call home for the winter months. All this within 15 minutes of home.
Matt asked if he looked like Willow Koerber wearing pink, not a chance. It's pretty cool though that all the Fisher clothing and equipment is the exact same as the Trek stuff, just different colors. Trek is taking over the world.
Double flat with only one tube, somehow stan's held Matts though, 1 for 2 on the year with stan's. I'm still wondering if that stuff really works that great, it just kept blowing out of mine and the cut was way down under the bead. Whatever, not a bad view when you're waiting for the pump anyway.
I just had these two two links forwarded to me from the man that put's it all together -Jon Posner. Check them out if you want some more reading and to see what the really pro pro's are doing.


Jordan Peterson said...

She defenitely is good looking!

Anonymous said...

I think you are actually light blue rather than pink..I know I am...

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