March 31, 2006

Tooling Around

I rolled out this morning with two big goals and one small one. 1 Not ride very much 2. Get some groceries
3. Work on the wheelie since Matt is putting me to shame.
Hit some jumps for a few minutes and I decided I needed a 4th goal, I'll start that one after I master the wheelie.
2 feet of air onto a flat landing equals a bad jump. 2 feet of air with bad form onto a flat landing equals a pathetic looking jump.

We made our way to a organic store in Morro Bay and got some fresh strawberries and juice, then I spotted this sweet ride. I should have ridden it back home cause I bonked hard and Matt's driveway is about an 8 minute climb at 25%.
Goal 2 was met while accomplishing goal 1. Chamois shopping, not that attractive but when the store is a 15 minute climb back home and you don't have a car you do what you gotta do.
Matt makes custom Ralph's backpacks - careful, they get thinner and bigger in a very short time!
They appear to work pretty darn sweet though
If the sun would come out here I might try and ride for more than an hour, so far it hasn't, but at least it's 60 and cloudy here over 40 and cloudy at home. I think it might be a wet weak at the Sea Otter according to the extended forecast, time will tell.

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