March 30, 2006

Gone West

I'd been home long enough and the road was calling. I've been talking to Matt the last couple of months and he invited me to come check out San Luis Obispo were he's been training all spring so I took him up on it.
Took the red eye flight out of MKE just so I could see the sunrise at 5:30am, it was almost worth it, but not quite.

12 hours later I ended up here, oceanside! I was hoping for a good sunny shot of the Ocean but the clouds are here too. Yeah, water and clouds just like the third coast I'm use to.
Matt thought He'd help flush out the 12 hours of flying by doing some 25% grade climbs on some of the local trails. Switchback, switchback, switchback. He helped me hit my new 2006 heart rate record of 176. I should be ready to race now!


Anonymous said...

What bike are you riding?

Anonymous said...

Tell Matt Hi for me...

C Money

D A N O said...

I can do 176 by taking a crap!!!