March 2, 2006

Soggy Day at the Office

Don't ya hate heading out the door and getting your feet wet, and then have to sit with wet shoes for the next couple of hours? I saw a flight attendant get coffee spilled in her shoe last summer, when a passenger left his Starbucks in the aisle and as she walked through she knocked it over her foot pretty much filling her shoe with coffee.
Flight attendant dumps the coffee out of her shoe, heads to the front of the plane and busts out the intercom " This is your flight attendant, PLEASE keep your personal belongings OUT of the aisle, this is a small airplane and we need your cooperation if we are going to make this flight happen, thank you".
I felt bad for her. I also felt bad for the guy that wasted $5 on a coffee and it was now sloshing in the flight attendants shoe.

My shoes would have been dry for the entire ride even though I rode through this mess for a couple hours today. The 20mph crosswind ruined my day though when the fenders couldn't handle the 5 gpm (gallons per minute) of water that they were pumping off the road and the other two gallons starting blowing out the sides onto my shoes! I guess the fender are only rated for 3 gpm, gotta watch that.
Still, I've got to give the Freddy Fenders credit as I would have been on the rollers without them. And, they were going a great job until the crosswind, so all in all I'll give them the credit for keeping me off the rollers and putting another ride in the books.

Sun came out for a little while this afternoon so that should have dried up some of the water, tomorrow should be better. At least the rain washed lots of the salt off the road!


John said...

Dude you should just leave this Wisconsin winter again and head out to Colorado with the Sova's and I. Think about it!?!

Tim Drankus said...

Welcome back to the reality of wisconsin. Thats wisconsin weather
getting you back for leaving us all behind.