February 28, 2006

Mental Adjustment

Sitting at the bus stop at 7:30 yesterday morning in 50 degree temps was pretty nice, coming home and realizing that 12" of snow fell a few weeks ago and half of it still remains was tough. It's going to take some serious mental adjustment to get into this for sure. It's easy being in snow when you've been in snow for 4 months, but when you've been enjoying 50s for four weeks and then have to come back to snow for who knows how long, well, it's not cool is all I am saying! Why didn't we have this much snow two months ago when I wanted to ski and crosstrain, it was 50 degrees out then wasn't it?

So, instead of being tough and going for a ride today I took care of business. Business that doesn't get done when you're gone for a month. Started out with this, well, actually, still doing it in between other things. For some reason seeing two dirty bikes, half torn apart in a case, is almost as hard to get at as riding when it's cold out. Seems I'm unloading these things all the time and I'm about ready to pay someone to do it for me. Any takers?
I had to get my wireless router up and running again after SBC played with it for 2 weeks while I was gone, said it didn't work and unplugged it. Appears they don't know the difference between PPP and PPPoE settings, a few minutes of factory resets on my end to log back in and the wireless is running with both computers logged in.

It was nice to visit the two winter beater bikes hanging in the garage and finding the chains hadn't rusted too bad, so I can now put away the Madone and the 9.8 and bust out the freddy hardcore fendered crossbike and the 1x9 mountain bike for this months riding pleasure. Ah yes, I had forgotten how nice it was to climb on a brand new madone last month and shift through the gears smooth as silk, I suppose it will be like that again next month when the snow melts and I can do it all over again. I'll hopefully have the new Trek Elite 9.9 by then.
That's it, the bonk has hit.


jonny said...

Welcome home! Thanks for bringing freezing rain with ya!

D A N O said...

Ya hey, same here. See ya Saturday!