March 5, 2006

Hang In There

Some of you may of heard by now about Whitey's crash at the Vuelta Sonora on Saturday, if you haven't, and you know Whitey, you should check out his site He's got a picture posted though that might turn your stomach!
Anyway, I got the call from Nick on Saturday that Whitey crashed leading out a sprint and was in pretty bad shape at a hospital in Mexico, I'll let you read his own story, but listening to Nick tell me about it sent shivers down my back and I new it wasn't good. I just spent four weeks hanging out with Whitey, so to hear the story and see the pictures was pretty scary. The story from Nick sounded really bad and he didn't really know how Whitey was doing so I spent the rest of the day thinking about Whitey and praying he'd be allright. Sounds like he is doing a little better today though which is great news!
Whitey's a great guy and a good friend, I know he's going to pull through OK. Hang in there man!!


I'd only been able to enjoy Wisconsin for 3.5 days before it was back on the road. Ended up in the neighboring state of Michigan visiting some of Jamie's relatives with a new baby. Sometimes it's really hard to take time off the bike and leaving it behind is a really good way to force yourself into some needed recovery sometimes.

I made it back to Wisco just in time for a good 3" of snowfall and some good driving weather, ahhhhhhhh, it's great to be home!

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