March 28, 2006

Too Many Choices

I just finished mounting rotors to my new 700c disc wheels that Chris Shaw hooked me up with and now I think I have carpal tunnel in my wrist. I think I know why shimano invented centerlock rotors, cause puttin' in 12 threadlocked rotor bolts is a workout!
So my next problem is that I can't decide which wheels to take to Sea Otter, the 700c with road slicks or the 26" wheels with 1.5 slicks, so many decisions. I guess it's better to have two good decisions to choose from, over how I use to have to do it, which was run the same setup at every race no matter the conditions, cause that's all I had. I remember doing the inaugural NORBA at Infineon Park in Sonoma, CA two years ago and Decker won the short-track on a road bike and I was riding a full suspension with 26x2.1 nobbies, that was really bad.
Jessie Rients told me I should run a semi-slick cyclocross tire on the 700c for the super XC, I'll have to set that scenario up tomorrow and see how it works. Too bad these XTR disc brakes are such a pain to center, I have to give it to the XT lineup when it comes to adjustment of caliper, it's way easier. Heavier, but easier. Seems like everytime you switch a wheel with the XTR they are rubbing and need to be shimmed different.
Oh well, I'm just complaining now, maybe that's cause I just lost an arm wrestling match to my 105 pound sister, and then tried to redeem myself by taking on Jamie and lost again!
Dang, I gotta start working out.


Jordan Peterson said...

Why don't you just use mtb tires rather than slicks?

Eric O. said...

You gotta work out those forearms on the trottle and clutch, braaaaap!By the way I liked that Thor commercial.

Anonymous said...

excuse me, but I do not weigh 105, I weigh 132.