February 24, 2006

Visions of Grandeur

Wow, you almost couldn't ask for a nicer day than today. Temps in the upper 50s, 100% sunshine and a recovery ride on the schedule. I almost headed out for an easy hour of spinning the Boulder Creek bike path but Nick talked me into riding with him up some "easy" climb to some sick singletrack. Sounded good to me. 20 minutes later and this is my view, Nick mashing the pedals, as I drift further off the back spinning the baby ring. Actually he was going pretty slow, I was just going slower trying to take in the view that he sees everyday.

Nick continued to tempt me up this climb with visions of grandeur, according to Nick, the sickest singletrack in Boulder would take us back down and make the hour long climb worth it.

I arrived at the trailhead of grandeur a few minutes after Nick with this warning sign...

... and a few feet down the trail this, could it be? Thoughts of his un-updated blog sped through my mind as I looked over his empty bike. What would I read for entertainment, would I have to resubscribe to Velonews in an attempt to fill the void?? I also immediatly realized I could sell the fuel for about $2000 and pay for the trip.

Eh, Nick's fine but I wanted to take him out after we rolled down the trail another 20 feet to this mess.
Visions of grandeur still in my head, I thought this must only be for a little section of the trail.

15 minutes of riding, pushing, hiking through 4 inches of snow and Nick decides he doesn't want an XTR derailleur anymore and sends it into XTR munching spokes.

Visions of riding the Boulder Creek path in warm sunlight again emerge as I look down at 4" of snow, me wearing knee warmers, shoes covered and wet with snow, and today being the warmest day for me this year!

Nick stayed positive throughout the next section of sick trail, really, this is a sick descent isn't it?? There's no snow here at least!
Eh, I quit. You can sell my bike on ebay if you can find it buried in the snow, I left it when I crashed the 5th time. Nick will show you the way if you're interested in the ride, it's one of the sickest you'll ever do, really, Nick said so!


Ian Stanford said...

Too funny

setting_the_tempo said...

Funny that nick makes no mention of this "epic" on his blog.

bc said...

I'm stuck here in Wisco so that actually seems alright to me. A little bit of snow and 50s, beats what we got here. :)