February 21, 2006

Back to Good

It's amazing how warm 40 can feel when it's been in the teens, maybe I wouldn't have appreciated 40 so much without having ridden in 15 last week.
Today Nick and I were back at it, starting week # 4 of training camp. Nick has been taking me on all the dirt roads that are up in the mountains and it's amazing. They're either dry as a bone from being in the sun, or packed solid with snow from being in the shade, so it's a pretty good mixture. It blows my mind how many different roads and trails there are once you get out there, I'd probably be lost in no time without a guide. I've decide there is no better way to train out here than on my Trek 9.8 because it opens up about ten times more riding options than riding the rode bike. In fact, I haven't touched my road bike since I got here a week ago and that makes me pretty happy.
In doping news:
Adam Bergman finally admitted he was on the sauce, I thought we new that already??? I guess he sort of tried playing the "faulty test" excuse but apparently his conscience bothered him. There's some saying it was cool to admit it, and some that say it's easy to admit it after you've been caught- eh, either way. Finally, I can rest assured that this test that everyone has been claiming is "faulty", wasn't faulty.

I also always wondered why I couldn't' ever make it past the top 20 at a Superweek race, now I know!
Actually, I thought it was just cause I couldn't turn a gear bigger than my 53/19, but now I have hope.

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The only thing that would be more fun than riding a mountain bike on those back roads would be a YZ 250. Braaaaaap!