February 26, 2006

Rockie Mountain High

It's over, Finito! Training camp has ended and I went out with a bang and a sunburned nose. Almost logged 10 hours this weekend of solid riding.
Saturday I rolled out to Lyons with the Saturday morning group ( of 80 riders) and then turned left up to Estes Park. 20 miles of climbing and 3 hours later I had to flip it in search of water and food. Never did make it to Estes, but the views from where I was riding were good enough for me. I ended up riding the Peak to Peak highway back to Ward and then dropping down the bone chilling 12 mile descent back into Boulder.

The Peak to Peak highway, views like this are endless. How can you not ride it everyday? Those are 14,000 peaks mind you too, don't have those in Wisconsin!
Story number 2:
Rolled out with Nick M. and Nick R. today on the mountain bikes for the gravel road tour of Colorado. Endless miles of road into the middle of nowhere with the Rocky Mountain team leading the way.

I risked death during this 40mph descent to take this photo - Look mom, no hands!
Every good ride has a stop for coffee in it somewhere, this one came after 3 hours and what felt like 10,000 ft of climbing behind these two guys. Ever drink coffee in a train car?
Back on the road and the legs feel way better again after a good round of jitter juice.

I am now looking forward to week of easy riding in Wisconsin since I head back tomorrow. I'm also looking forward to 4 minute climbs instead of 40 minutes behind these two powerhouses.

See ya in Wisconsin

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