February 8, 2006

Super Mario's been conquered

Another day in the books. We had about 6 "Trekies" out there today and it was a pretty fun group, seems like the other Trek riders have been reading the blogs, and seeing what the riding is like, and have decided to come test their legs. Pretty sweet seeing the group rolling down the road in team gear, looks pretty PRO!

We headed up the Monument today from the Fruita side for the longer, less steep side of the climb and I would have to say it is probably the most scenic road I have ever ridden on. We did the loop on top and then headed back down the steep switchback side which takes about 10 minutes at 40mph. I then had to hit up the mountain bike trails for 1/2 hour to finish off the ride because the road home goes right past about 40 miles of sick trails that are more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

The weather is beautiful, in the 50s and full sunshine, you can't ask for better than that. The only thing to be concerned about is taking it easy and not letting these guys from Boulder talk me into riding harder or longer than I need to be doing in February. They tend to go pretty big, but I tell myself getting dropped in February is better than in July. Checking the weather back home reassures me that I'm doing the right thing though, so I'm feeling pretty good about myself. Or maybe that's because I just hit up a "Gotta have it" at the Coldstone creamery?!
Don't have these in Wisconsin!

In other news, I am proud to announce that yesterday I not only conquered Super Mario 1, but later on that evening also teamed up with Rad Ross to conquer every boys favorite Nintendo game Contra. Seems Ross's muscle memory is good and he was able to UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT BB AA SELECT SELECT START, the secret code for 30 lives instead of 3. Nice work, next up Super Mario 3.
And also... Another one bites the dust!

Back to the hostel...


Eric O. said...

DO you have the "Game Genie"?invincibility,and moon boots baby!

Trent said...

Hi I'm a blog viewer from la crosse, wisconsin, and am wondering where exactly you are riding, it looks like a good place to go for my spring break. Thanks.

Tristan Schouten said...

Grand Junction, CO to be exact. Riding is great, city is a bit on the ghetto side though. TJS