February 11, 2006

More Coke and another Nut Roll please!

You know it's been a good ride when you've eaten three Power bars, 3 gels, and you have to stop at the gas station for a Coke and a Nut roll for the rest of the ride home!

Today Nick, Ross, and I headed out at 11am on the mountain bikes, and rolled back in at 5:30 as the sun was setting. We headed out to the dirt roads past Fruita that took us up into some of craziest single track I have ever ridden! I seem to be saying that alot lately as I discover that I really have never actually ridden trails like the ones we have been riding lately, except at the NORBAs. It's a real bonus riding with Nick and Ross too because they both know the trails so we never waste any time hitting up the best loops. It does test the skills pretty good though as I try and follow them through the local lines, which are usually over rocks into a bline landing, instead of around them. Pretty sweet pulling up the front wheel over something and wondering where it's going to go as you come down the other side.

Try following Rad Ross down the local lines on this trail!

Testing the skills.

I really like training on the quiet country roads in Wisconsin, but it really changes my perspective on training when I can do a 5 hour ride in a place like this, almost entirely on the dirt, and not ride the same trail twice!
Enjoy some pictures of todays ride.

Sweet, that makes TWO this week!

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D A N O said...

I spose the Saturday morning ride will never be the same for you....