February 6, 2006

Can't get enough of the trails

Saturday Nick and I did this ride out in Loma. It was pretty pro, one hour ride out to the trails, 2 hours of trail riding and then an hour ride home. After riding two hours of trails and barely even scratching the surface there are so many I made this analogy: Trying to ride trails in Wisconsin is like a basketball player trying to take 25ft jumpshots with an eight foot ceiling. Yeah, it's like that
Riding trails like these are so much fun, it's almost hard to stop riding for the day!

Today we all took the day off of riding for a complete day of rest. We all tried playing "Lava floor" to see who could rest the most but WiFi down at the coffee shop was calling so I'm sure spending 3 hours here is just as good.
Tomorrow starts phase two of basetraining, bigger rides and no throwing it in the bail out gears for climbing. The weather has gotten awesome too, 50s and SUN for everyday this week!

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Eric O. said...

The warm spell ended here,for the rest of the month they're predicting hand and toe numbing COLD weather.I can tell that the sun is getting more powerful now though.We'll be here reading in jealousy.