February 3, 2006

Keeping Things in Perspective

We're all starting to realize that a two week training camp might be a little more hardcore than we thought, it's easy to go riding for 4 hours a day, it's the other 20 hours that's starting to get tough.
We've started playing practical jokes for entertainment, take for instance yesterday, I opened my door in the morning to find a lifesize cardboard Austin Powers standing outside of it waiting to surprise me. And today, I mounted my Madone 5.5 only to find it had been tagged during the night...thanks guys!
Last night we were invited by the local bike shop on their Thursday night cruiser crawl. We all gathered at the shop and picked out our favorite coaster brake bike off the floor and hit Grand Junction Urban Assult style. I picked a sweet New Berlin with a springer fork and really big seat!

It was a great way to keep things fun, a big group of 10 year olds riding down the street seeing who could leave the longest skid or the loudest screech. A race to the top of the parking tower got the HR going pretty good.

Andrew had never seen a tandem before and was having a hard time figuring it out, it seemed like it wasn't meant for one person to ride because it was way too long!

It's hard to find health food at 11:30 at night so we tried out the super nachos.

Grizzly Adams, otherwise known as "Rad" Ross Schnell put some serious hurt on us in the eating department. He even out nacho'd Whitey who had ridden no less than 6 hours today and started the cruiser crawl only 20 minutes after finishing his first ride. That's hardcore, but definitely keeping it in perspective! You motivate us all Whitey!
Tonight will probably be Super Mario 3 or Contra on the old school Nintendo Ross busted out, unless we can come up with something to top off last night!
Keeping it in perspective,

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