February 18, 2006

Brainfreeze or Brainmush - choose your poison

Joel Friel told me I was supposed to ride 3 hours today, but upon checking the temperature I thought I should probably just spin the rollers for as long as my brain would let me before turning into mush. After an early morning trip to Vic's with Whitey, we arrived home to no power, which meant no movies to watch on the rollers, no internet to surf, no pancakes to be made, and no heat in the house that's already down to 55. So my choice was sit and do nothing while freezing, ride rollers and probably die of boredom, or put on every piece of clothing I brought and see how bad 15 degrees really is for riding.
This is what 15 degrees looks like through Whitey's window - looks cold, nice view though! And yes, those are trees and I am in Colorado.

So my goal was 1 1/2 hours. Immediately upon rolling down 15th st. my cheeks froze as my tears streamed over them and my lips hurt real bad. I was this close to turning around but my fingers and toes were still warm so I bit the bullet and pressed on past Pearl St. The heart rate was coming up pretty easily so it wasn't that hard to keep the pace high as I headed out towards Lyons. An hour later my cheeks didn't hurt anymore because they were numb, and I'm heading out on a fruit loop in Lyons and then randomly riding past Chad Melis and talking to him for a minute but because of frozen cheeks all I could say was mmmmmmmmmmmmmffffffffffffffffffffffggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr and ttttttttttttttssssssssssssssnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddd. I then headed straight for the gas station for some of this
After eating the snickers I began to feel like I had superhuman power again and went for the bonus ride home on the gravel roads. The sun sunk behind the mountain just as I was coming into town again and my toes immediately turned to blocks of ice as my forehead froze coming down the hill, but I only had 10 minutes to go so I didn't care. Total time= 3:20 and way better than the roller no matter how much permanent damage I did to my face.

I am now currently sitting in this chair and doing my best Barry Wicks' hair impression, since I haven't had mine cut since before I left.

Nick just stopped over all excited to show me how this year he was going to take high socks to a new level. I like it Nick, you should definitely do it! I find it disturbing that you drove over in chamois and ballerina slippers to show me though.


Eric O. said...

12 degrees,You guys had it good.I rode 3:30 hrs yesterday in -25 degree windchill,and loved every minuite of it.Being dressed properly makes or breaks the ride.Everyone gave me funny looks from their cars.Kind of makes you feel like John Stamstead.

Anonymous said...

it was -16 here straight up temp Friday night...that's like, twice as cold as 12

C Money

D A N O said...

I caught your Napolean reference!

Was too cold in Wisco to ride Saturday. But now the ski's are out!


Anonymous said...

are those legs? Or sticks? click your heels together three times and...never mind. and what is that growing behind your head?

C Money